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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Automagic are proud to now offer a full refurbishment service for diamond cutalloy wheels. Many other companies will claim to refurbish your diamond cut wheels but few can ever acheive the 'as new' factory finish.

Popular vehicles fitted with Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels from the factory include BMW M3 & M5, Porsche 911 and VW Golf GTI fitted with 'Monza' alloy wheels plus many more.

What is involved?

We undertake a 6 stage process starting with the wheel being acid dipped to remvove any damge or imprerfections. The wheel is then sandblasted, primered and painted black. At this stage the wheels are lathed with a diamond tip and then finished with a full coat of laquer.

How long does it take?

We would normally ask for 3-4 working days in order to ensure a perfect refurbishment and finish. At this present time we are unable to offer an exchange set of wheels for you to use while your wheels are in for repair but please do ask us as if we can help, we will.

Please contact us for a quote. We will happily refurbish individual wheels or a full set.

Alloy Wheel Repair Epsom

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Restore your vehicle to showroom condition by Epsom's bodywork specialists. From a small bumper scuff to accident damage or resprays our highly skilled team are happy to help.

From a Micra to a Maserati our friendly team consistently deliver high quality repairs at affordable prices. So don't be put off getting that scratch or dent repaired- it might not be as expensive as you think.

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